My intent is to allow the reader to walk down the lanes of old London (before it burned to the ground in the Great Fire of 1666) and feel as if you are actually there. You can smell and touch the nuances of London. You'll know what it's like to work your way through the City and its the conflicting laws where religion played in important part of everyday life. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Oh, and then there's my French Revolution novel.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hello, once again

Sorry this has taken so long, several months, but life has intruded. Deaths, loss of loved ones, waiting for the loss of loved ones. Hard.

But I've finished the first draft of Jasper's Lament, London 1664, a story of a young erudite of religious theory during a time when there is little tolerance for it. The story opens when Jasper's father dies under strange circumstances. During the course of the year, he finds his father has been involved in plots against the king. His uncle is of a perverted religion; his mother converses with his dead father, who resides in a corner of the common room. Jasper falls in love with the daughter of a Dutchman, who is in England illegally, for soon England will go to war with that dead flat country.

And during all this, Jasper takes his place as full partner in a London shop. Rumor and warmonger gossip in an understated tone. Good stuff.

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